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Subject: The Farm FamilyAll rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. lolitas 12yo underage nude
2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write just stop on by ask for Kev. Saturday night and I had gone to town with some of my buddies
to " Pussy hunt" They were High School buddies and liked to take me along
on these " Pussy Hunting" trips cause I was a strapping well built
handsome Farm Boy. I would be the perfect bait for the girls, They
figured with my body and My looks I'd nude hairy lolita art draw the girls and they would hit
up on the left overs. In return I got free drinks all night and got to
hang out with the rich kids spell. My Dad somehow had caught wind of the
deal and didn't like it one bit. Nope he said it was no more then Me
selling my body like any whore. I joked with him that if I was a Male
whore then I was doing OK. See at 6 foot with blonde good looks and that
muscular Farm build and sweet talking tongue I sure did draw the girls
and besides the drinks I usually came away with fifty bucks in my pocket
each Saturday night.
This Saturday night was pouring rain which cut back on the
number of Girls to choose from plus the one's who did brave the storm
were just not up to my standards. I refused to even play up to them which
now pissed off all my buddies. I left the bar in a huff and walked home
three miles in the pouring rain pissed off broke and horny all in one. As
the rain was hitting my face on the long walk I had tome lolita pre teen lesbians to think things
over. My lot in life at 19 was boring as hell. There was the four of Us
alone on the Farm now since Mom pasted on. Dad who was 41 and a bull of a
man as well as the reason We were all blonde's. Then came Jed 20 and the
oldest as good looking as I was I had to admit Jed was even better
looking. I also knew from Our Family swims in the old pond naked that
both Jed and Dad were hung like Bull's. Then there was me at 19. After
me was the Baby of the Family Eric. Walking in the down pour I smiled
when I thought of Eric. now just 18 He was sure coming into his own and
as handsome a Boy as the rest of us in the Family. Only thing was as
handsome as Eric was he had no time for the Girl's. Jed and I often
talked and We came to put things together figuring Our little Brother was
more into Guy's then Girl's. Jed and myself had at different times caught
Eric and one of His buddies up in the hay loft alone in the middle of the
day all flustered when We came in. We'd just laugh it off. Jed said " It
was just a thing He was going through and art lol tas models
would grow out of?
I was soaked to the skin and the rain showed no sign of letting
up. No use in rushing so I just walked along like it was a sunny day lost
in my thoughts. Thoughts I was surprised at myself, Thoughts of Eric. I
knew when I got home Eric would be in the room we two shared cuddled up
all warm in porn incest rape lolita his bed next to mine. I was getting a hard on thinking about
Eric being into Guy's and all and Hell me so horny like this. Seemed like
We two could and should be working something out here? I mean if He did
like having a Guy screw him and He was letting strangers have the
pleasure of his milky white round ass then why not His own Brother? I saw
the way He'd look over at me while I lolita pre teen lesbians was undressing or dressing and he'd
be taking a peek at my big dick. I saw the look in His eyes when Jed or
Dad would be using the outside shower all naked and half hard. The boy
was into cock so why not? To hell with it being queer and all that stuff
on a night like tonight I just need more release then my right hand could
provide. Yea Eric's hot round ass with my dick pushing into it would be
perfect. Hell I knew once I gave him my 8 inches he'd be my steady
emergency fuck any time I wanted. My mind was made up to it before my
foot hit the front steps. Yep tonight I was going to lay my own Brother,
Fuck him up the ass maybe even have him suck my cock. My cock was all
hard in my soaked pants for His ass.
Perfect the house was still as I came in. They were all in
their rooms Dad's was off the kitchen. Jed's next to Ours up stairs. I
took off my wet shoes and soaked socks and left them at the door and tip
toed up the steps to our room. I saw the light under Jed's door he was
still awake. I pushed open our door and there was my Blonde Adonis
Brother in his twin bed watching TV. Looking all kinds of handsome and
with the smile of an Angel." Hi Kevin" He said " Your home early?I slumped on my bed inches from his own. Saying as I removed my shirt. "
Yea the Pussy hunt wasn't too good tonight. The rain kept the girls in I
guess. Hell I am horny as hell too."His eyes like always were on me as I slowly removed my wet jeans and let
them drop in a pile on the floor. I enjoyed watching his eyes grow really
big as I now pulled down my briefs exposing my half hard cock to him. I
just stood there and We said nothing as hew was looking directly at my
cock like he never wanted the image to go away. I stepped closer to his
bed my cock growing and then sat on his bed. He was half under the
blanket and I looked into his eyes and said." You don't mind my sitting on Your bed naked do You Bro.?He was trying his best to keep His eyes off my cock and balls with no
success. He stammered. ' Ah No, Not at all. I guess wet as You are You
need to air very young tiny lolita dry some?I smiled into His eyes as He was now looking down at my totally hard cock
inspecting al 8 inches of it. I said. " Look Eric I have a good chill
going from walking all that way in lolita top 50 dreams
the rain. Mind if I slip in under the
blankets with You tonight. Kind of get some body heat from You?As I was lifting the blankets to get in he was protesting.
"I am not sure that is such a good idea Kevin? I mean Your naked and
all?Too late I was under the blanket now and our hips were touching. I could
feel the briefs He had on touching against my bare hip. Our feet now
touched and the feeling was electric. We were both flat on Our backs and
I put my hand to my mouth giving him the silence sign saying " Be quite
We don't want Jed to hear us now do We Eric?
Eric was scooting away to give some room between the two of Us but I
moved closer and put my bare leg over his leg to hold him in place
saying." Don't be moving away on me Eric. I am in here with You to get some Body
heat so get closer Boy."He was in a panic. I knew what he was going through. He wasn't sure what
this would lead to and all. I bet He already was hard. I would have to
relax him some? Let him know what was to come? I turned towards him put
my arm over his powerful chest and my leg more over his hip and leg. My
hard 8 inch cock firmly touching on his hip now." Kevin, What are You doing Man? This is crazy." He said.My cock felt so good on his briefs and I was already humping away.
Pressing my bare cock against him dry fucking My kid Brother.In the most seductive voice I could I said as I continued humping his hip
with my cock. "Eric let me do this tonight this once. I really need this
Eric. Its Ok Man we are both Adults now."I felt him let out a breath. He was resigning Himself to what was
happening. I had my in now. I had to make it good to get the prize I
wanted his tight ass hole. I would have to do something's I might not
other wise do and was now willing to do them. I was still humping my cock
on him and he was softly moaning as my dick head pressed into his hip. I
now reached up under his T-shirt and was playing with his hard nipples
like he was a Women. And he was moaning more and more as his nipples
responded to my sexy lolita 10 yo cp touch. My other hand now was busy as well pulling
down his briefs inch by inch until they were clear of his balls. His bare
skin now on my bare cock. My hand playing with His hard nipples while we
were skin to skin.
It was Eric now who turned the tables on Me. He suddenly turned
his whole body we were now pressed cock to bare cock. The first time a
man's hard dick had ever been against mine. The feeling was incredible.
No unbelievable in fact. I loved his rock hard dick against mine feeling
the glands of His bare skinned dick touching and humping on mine likes
this. I kissed him on the neck and was now pulling up his T-shirt to have
him all naked against me. I was in lust for him hard naked male body. As
we were both pulling off his shirt somehow his cock moved and it was
sticking right between my legs. I closed my thighs around the fat flesh
of my Brother's bare dick and he pulled me to him now and was dry fucking
Me. Between my legs and kissing my neck now telling me. " This is Our
secret Kevin. No body will ever know. Oh Yea keep this to Us alone
Kevin."He was pushing now so that I was flat on my back and him on top of me his
bare big hard dick between my legs and my arms around his strong
teenaged back feeling his muscular back and his big dick now was fucking
between my legs. I had lost the move and I like the feeling of it so
much I wanted him and whispered in his ears as we fucked. " Oh Eric I
never knew this could feel so good."
His voice so strangely masculine now He responded with. " I am
going to show you all the thrills of Man on Man Kevin. Just relax and let
me show You it all. Your mine tonight stud. We are going to be making
love all night Man to Man."I heard myself saying and meaning it all. " Yes show me Man to Man. yea
stud, Eric give me that big cock of Yours. Oh Yea Eric your dick feels so
good humping between my legs like this and Your hard strong Farm body on
top of Me. Oh Eric I already am into this Man on Man thing we have. OH
yea Eric I love your bare feet against mine like this too. Yea give me
that big dick."Eric my handsome Blonde Adonis now was down eating and sucking on my
nipples like I had done to Women so often. And now with his handsome
mouth on my nipples I knew for the first time the joys of a Man's mouth.
He now worked down my body. Eating at my belly button then eating the
hairs in my pubic patch and then he took the root of my bare big dick
into his mouth. His Blonde head now bobbing up and down on my cock,
Taking all 8 inches down his throat. I was pumping my dick up into him.
Loving like never before his mouth on my bare cock. His tongue was
fantastic. It was all over my hard cock all at once. From the head
licking the cum hole down the fat shaft to my balls taking both my balls
in his mouth between my legs then he was down my legs eating my leg hairs
then to my bare feet licking all over my masculine feet. Then He was
moving into a 60. I knew what he was doing and I wanted it. Wanted to
actually suck My Brothers big 8 inch cock. Suck my first cock.
Our two Farm Boy hard Bodies lay ready to 69 each other. The
smell of Eric's cock was not repulsive to me at all. In fact I was so
turned on by the smell of His Manhood. He was now sucking mine top 10 lolita gallery and I
opened wide and took in His cock. I at once loved the taste the feel and
the smell of His big fat dick in my mouth. I knew this would not be the
last. I was eating away at his monster cock, Sucking off my kid Brother.
Me the draw man for all my buddies now sucking a cock and loving it.
He bent his leg up in suck a way I was able to hold his bare masculine
foot in my hand whiles sucking his cock and I loved it all.
I have no top 10 lolita gallery idea how long we were there naked in bed sucking on very young tiny lolita each
others big dicks not long enough. I loved it and would always I knew. I
then knew He was ready to blast His cum load and let Eric know I would
try and take it and the boy sure let go one hell of a blast of thick
teenage cum down my throat and all over my face and I tasted my first cum
load. I was eating another man's cum and loving it. After We laid in each
others arms there was no guilt, No Shame only joy at what We two had
shared and I told Eric I loved him and We kissed before falling asleep in
each others arms.write You must include your age for legal reasons.
Meet with Kevin at uncle's bar 2-4 PM see above. Chat, exchange ideas and
so on.
Kevin Kelly
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